Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our First "Given Much" Recipient!

Last month, I posted about my fledgling initiative called "Because I Have Been Given Much" (the title of an LDS hymn). Long story short, I had a close brush with death 12 years ago, and I have tried to live my life since then with the intent to make the most of it and be aware of other people and be helpful.

Every April 29th, I'd like to make something for a child in a difficult situation. And if there are several responders, then I'd like to get them matched up with other people who can make things for kids -- all for the sake of making a child's day. :)

So, this year, a new friend named Barbara saw my post and told me about a 2-year-old girl named Maddie who she knew was battling cancer.

Barbara was putting together a basket of special things for Maddie and thought a handmade blanket would be a great addition. I was so excited to take on the project! I came up with the idea of making a butterfly quilt -- with three butterflies that are 3D and can "flutter".

Barbara posted about this awesome experience on her blog called Blogfully. Read all about it! I'm so glad that Barbara made that basket for Maddie!

Next April 29th, I'll post again with an offer to make something for a child -- and if I get multiple requests, I'll be looking for other talented crafters to join this effort!

Thank you!

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