About Me

I am a stay-home mom of four growing boys.  The older three are in school and the baby is home with me.   My husband is a professor of art and, therefore, very supportive of my need for a creative outlet. I sew whenever I can, mostly at night! I inherited my grandmother's wonderful Pfaff sewing machine in 2003 and have been using it ceaselessly with great delight.

I have a Texas sales tax permit and have been on the web since March 2008. I love getting requests and challenges to do something completely different!

I also enjoy reading, taking pictures, scrapbooking, blogging, traveling, eating yummy foods, playing with my kids, and watching movies with my husband. I graduated from Brigham Young University in 2002 and continue to be a die-hard Cougars fan! My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla Soy Delicious -- with a dollop of all natural peanut butter!

I grew up all over the place: born in Canada, and lived in Indiana, Maryland, Finland, Germany, Idaho, Utah, and Texas. I've been able to travel to Peru, Russia, South Africa, and all over Europe. What a blessing! I currently live in East Texas.

Contact me via email at: MadebyMichelleStore@gmail.com.

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