Friday, April 29, 2011

"Because I Have Been Given Much" 2011

April 29, 2011

Twelve years ago today, I was nearly killed in a car accident. I feel so grateful for these twelve years. I've been married for almost nine of them and have been blessed with three precious sons.

I often think about people around me who are suffering or struggling in any way. Especially children. There are many children who face serious health challenges, traumas, and disruptions to the innocence we usually associate with childhood.

And so -- in honor of the miracle that saved my life more than a decade ago, and in memory of my friend who passed away in that tragic accident, I would like to dedicate April 29th as a day of giving. I would like to give something that I've made to a child in a difficult situation.

I will make anything from my store for a child anywhere in the world.

The first person to respond will be selected. No drawings. Tell me about a child you know (age, gender, general info about situation) who could use something to brighten his/her life, pick an item and a fabric, provide a mailing address, and I will do the rest.

I also invite everyone who would like to make something for a child as well to let me know, and I will pass on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. responses. As many as are willing to make something special will be matched up with a child in need of a boost. I'm just a one-woman show, so I will make one item (and I want to do this every year!), but hopefully we'll have many other talented individuals join this special effort!

Let's make some children smile!

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Anonymous said...

Michelle I just feel so blessed to know you and thank- you for sharing this great idea. If you ask my kids, they are struggling bc they have to buy their own junk food with their own money. Too tell you the truth, I am happy at this age that this is their greatest hardship.

So while it's not my kids that need your love and service right now, I do want you to know that in support of your request, I will be making myself available for service to a child in any sort of need as well. Thank you for your example.


Made by Michelle said...

Thank you, Carole, for volunteering to be a part of this!! I will let you know what responses I get! I'm also glad that your kids' hardship is buying their own candy. That's a very good indication of happy, protected lives. You're a great mom!


barb said...

If it's not too late to volunteer...I am putting together a little care basket for one of my daughter's teachers. This teacher has a beautiful baby girl, Maddie, just 2, with cancer. I don't know all the details entirely, but I'm sure one of your beautiful pieces would be perfect for that gift basket; one that I'm sure will brighten her day. Right now the teachers and faculty are making buttons and selling them to raise money--enough to help pay the family's growing bills. It's very scary and my heart goes out to that little girl and her family.

One of you're beautiful blankets, in your choice of colors (suited for a beautiful baby girl) would be most appreciated and I would be so happy to tell her just who it came from.