Friday, March 15, 2013

{New Product!} Road Trip Seatbelt Pillow

The worst thing about traveling is not being able to sleep comfortably.  Until now!

Introducing the Road Trip Seatbelt Pillow, an exclusive "Made by Michelle" design!

This special pillow includes the 12"x16" pillow form as well as the snugly fit zippered cover!   Recommended for Kids in backless booster seats, Teens and Adults!

The top is made with soft, breathable flannel (of your choice) while the bottom and velcro strap are made of sturdy, durable denim.  Simply velcro onto your seatbelt, either left or right shoulder, and adjust onto your shoulder for good neck and head support.

A 12" zipper along one side makes the cover easy to remove for washing!  The manufactured pillow form will hold its shape much longer than a stuffed pillow for long-term usage!

Click here for fabric selection and pricing!

 Shelley C. (Texas, USA) ordered 2 Road Trip Seatbelt Pillows, 1 in "Frogs" and 1 in "Green Plaid" for her older kids.  She also requested a Long Seatbelt Pillow (measures 6"x20") in "Ladybugs" for her youngest who rides in a booster seat with a back (toddler booster not pictured).

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