Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Laminated Kids' Routine Training Chart & Kit



         1-4 Kids .
 2+ Years Old..

The Laminated Kid's Routine Training Kit was created by a parent for parents!

This poster is designed to engage your children, help them to establish a routine and follow it!  Every morning and every night!

Lessen confusion that leads to conflicts and frustration!

This Kit is designed to help parents and children work together.  Color the poster together, decorate the chipboard tokens together, determine what the steps of the routine are together and draw/write the steps on the train cars.  "Ride" the train together and help your children develop a sense of stability and responsibility!
The 18"x24" coloring poster was designed by Lita Johnson
a professional graphic designer!
Decorate the chipboard tokens, attach the velcro dots to the backsides, adhere the velcro strips along the Velcro Placement Guide at the tops of the trains cars, then move the tokens along each car as the child completes a step in the routine.


In a nutshell ...

The Laminated Kids' Routine Training Kit is completely ready to help you and your children be on your way to creating a more cooperative environment!


Your children will feel a sense of ownership and pride as they decorate their poster their very own way!  Use the washable crayons included in the Kit to color the poster.  Wipe with a dry cloth and redecorate as desired!

Decorate the chipboard tokens (4 included per Kit for families with up to 4 children) with photographs, colored scrapbook paper, and/or initials.
The Laminated Kid's Routine Training Kit  

 A second option is available for our DIY friends out there.

The DIY Kids' Routine Training Kit is a NON-Laminated poster with all the materials of the Laminated Kit, except no crayons.

Purchase the DIY Kit, and you and your children can color the poster with regular crayons, as shown to the left.

Then take the finished poster to your local teachers' supply store or office supply store to be laminated.

Attach the accessories as directed and you're all set to ride the Routine Train™!

The DIY NON-Laminated Routine Training Kit

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