Thursday, December 6, 2012

{NEW!!} Routine TRAINing Chart DIY Kit

 PARENTS -- this is what you have been looking for! As a mother of four boys, I understand the need for children to have clear expectations and an engaging way to fulfill them.

This fun DIY Kit will be a lifesaver in your home!  You get to put this kit together with your child and make it as personalized as you need it to be!

Best of all it is reusable and interactive!

The Routine TRAINing Chart Kit is exactly what will help establish cooperation and understanding during your child's transition times during the day. This chart can serve up to 4 children, ages 18 months and up!

The Kit includes:

* 1 large 18"x24" coloring poster (color it with your child, get him/her excited about it, then take it to your local teacher supply or office supply store to have it laminated)
* 2 Loop Velcro Strips to adhere to the laminated poster, along the tops of the train cars
* 1 Whiteboard Marker to write and draw pictures on each train car of the steps to get ready in the morning and get ready for bed at night.
* 4 Chipboard Tokens to decorate with scrapbook paper, paint, and/or a picture of the child's face
* 4 Hook Velcro Dots to adhere to backs of the Chipboard Token, so your child can move his/her Token along the train as he/she completes the tasks of each train car.
* 4 Wallmount Adhesives, nonpermanent, to make moving the chart damage-free to your wall.
* 8 Loop Velcro Dots to stick onto the engines as a place for the child's token to hand when he/she has completed the train!

The Routine TRAINING Kit will make a big difference in your home!  

Assemble the kit together, have fun, make it a wonderful experience. When your child is "on the train" accompany him/her through each step, helping to demonstrate exactly what is expected. When your child has become accustomed to the routine he/she will be proud to show you how he/she can complete it all by him/herself!

This Kit is completely ready to help you create a happy atmosphere in your home!

Order one today!

Chart Graphic Designer: Lita Johnson

Chipboard Tokens by:
The poster is a large 18"x24" coloring page!
Kit Contents

Color the poster together.

Laminate at local teachers' supply or office supply store.

Attach velcro strips along velcro placement guide.

Adhere wallmounts to the back corners (brand may vary by Kit).

Embellish the chipboard tokens and affix hook velcro dots to the backs of the tokens.

Mount to the wall and use!  Children move their tokens along the train cars as they complete each step in the routine.  

Ride the Good Morning Train!  Stick loop velcro dots onto train engines.  When they are done, their token will end up on the engine until time to start the next routine!  
Ride the Good Night Train!

Order one today!

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