Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recent Completed Order: Oil Cloth Lunch Bags

 Jill C. ordered 2 lunch bags, specifically requesting that they could be easily wiped clean and would be spill-proof.  Oil cloth is the way to go!  She picked this fun, colorful oil cloth from The French Knot Quilt Shop here in town.

This is a very roomy bag and can hold several containers, sandwich size, for example, and smaller.  It has a woven strap handle and velcro for closure.

I used oil cloth inside and out, so these bags can be wiped clean with a soapy cloth and reused for many lunches to come!

This photo shows the oil cloth selection at The French Knot:

Cherries on Black
Black and White Stripes
Strawberries on Blue
Cherries on Green
Pink and White Stripes

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