Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{My Projects} Diaper Bag and Accessories

With a new baby coming, I was needing a new diaper bag and all the works. I chose this fun dotted fabric from The French Knot Quilt Shop here in town. I think it is Moda, but now I can't remember.

There are pockets inside and out. A padded long strap will make this bag more comfortable to carry. And a long strip of velcro closes it up.

There is also a matching Diaper Pocket, to keep all the diapers, wipes, and diaper cream together in one pouch.

I also made a matching vinyl-covered diaper changing mat.

Lastly, I made a matching Nursing Cover! Boning at the neckline keeps it rounded out to make it easier to see the baby and also let some air in.

There is a pocket (seen in the left corner) for a pacifier or nursing pads.

The coolest feature is the removable drool wipes! I made 4 flannel drool wipes that velcro on and off. This way I can wipe the baby's face or nose and throw the wipe into the wash, instead of wearing out the whole nursing cover with frequent washing. I'm very excited about this idea!

Nursing covers are tricky to photograph without a model! :)

I'm feeling much more prepared to greet this baby now that the Diaper Bag set is all done!


Janna said...


I so want one of these (minus the nursing cover, not really nursing in public anymore). Would you make one for sale?


Made by Michelle said...

Diaper bags are how I got my business started! :) It will have to be after the baby is born, though. I'm getting so close that I can't guarantee I'll have it all done in time! :)

Anonymous said...

I completely understand. You let me know when you're ready! Can't wait to see pictures!!

Made by Michelle said...

But go ahead and start picking your favorite fabrics!