Monday, August 8, 2011

My Projects: Kids' Curtains

I love IKEA! I love their minimalist style and the organic-themed print of their fabrics. When I was in Maryland back in March, my mom took me to IKEA and I found some fabric that I fell in love with for my boys' room! I loved the fun tree print and bold colors. And I knew the white background would really brighten things up.

I finally sat down and made those curtains today! I was very excited to finally get going on this project. Up until now, we'd been using some "curtains" I made years ago out of dark blue fleece, because fleece is thick and makes the room super dark. But, it also doesn't hold it's shape well and looks shabby! I'll reuse the fleece for perhaps some winter items for the boys.

I lined the back of these new curtains with dark blue twill. The twill makes the room very dark, but the white on the front is cheery when pulled open.

Now that we're going with a forest theme, I've got lots of ideas of fun wall decor to make. Owls and such. My oldest made some beautiful paper birds one year that would be really cool to hang from the ceiling. Hmmm ... I'll keep you posted!