Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recent Completed Item: Princess Doll Dress

My friend Michelle S. gave her daughter this adorable princess doll for Easter (store-bought). Unfortunately the dress it came with ripped within the first couple days, so she brought it to me to mend. We also decided to make a second dress, more sturdy, that her daughter could use, too.

Here are some pictures of the new dress that I made. It was so fun to make since I only have sons and don't ever get to make dresses and dolls! :)


vinestreet said...


How much are you selling this princess doll for? It is adorable.

--Kristen Ridge

Made by Michelle said...

Hi Kristen,

The doll belongs to my friend -- I just mended the dress it came in and made the dress in the picture. Now her daughter has two dresses to play with! I'm not sure where she bought the doll. I will check into that! :)


vinestreet said...

Oh okay, I see. No worries, I kind of randomly found the blog and I have three daughters, so of course it caught my eye.

By the way, your picture looks familiar to me. Did you live in a house next to campus plaza about ten years ago?

I lived in the brick house. Allred is my maiden name.

Made by Michelle said...

I did! Michelle Doxey is my maiden name. Were you in the apartments or in a house? I'm trying to remember ... :) I have three boys!