Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recent Completed Order: Hairstylist Tote and Bundle Combo!

Mike G. saw my Hairstylist Bundle on and contacted me about making something super amazing for his girlfriend who is a new hairstylist. She'd been using a cloth grocery tote and everything was in a jumble.

So, here's what we collaborated on and came up with:

A customized tote with an open pocket for hair clippers, a pocket with a flap for the clipper attachments, an open pocket for a hair trimmer, a pocket with flap for the trimmer attachments, 3 more open pockets for other items like clips and capes, and an open design for the Hairstylist Bundle and her hair dryer to fit in as well.

He really liked the Paris style Ultra Chic Tote, with black lace overlay on the top section of the tote. I matched the Hairstylist Bundle with a black and white damask to imitate the lace look.

There is room for everything and more! I think she'll be thrilled when she sees this. It closes with a silver magnetic snap. So chic!

I also customized the Hairstylist Bundle to be larger to fit her round brushes and 12" comb.

(I sure hope he includes an engagement ring in that bag for how decked out and special it is!) :)

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