Friday, October 22, 2010

Recent Completed Order: Curtains, part II

About a year ago, my friend Heather B.'s two daughters wanted to learn how to make curtains for their loft beds. So, we spent a Saturday morning together making these beauties. The girls did such a great job! I just instructed and they did all the sewing and much of the ironing.

Then, this summer we got together on another Saturday morning and I taught them how to make valances. They have one wide window in their room and the valances made such a great finishing touch! Again, the girls did a great job; they kept on task really well and worked hard!

Heather was also wanting to replace the large billowing curtains in her bedroom with some simple, less assuming valances. The master bath has yellow tile and she found a red and gold shower curtain that went really with it. She requested that I match the bedroom valances with the bathroom to tie the colors all together.

The window in the shower also needed a curtain to keep permanently closed for privacy.

And, last but not least, the sink had previously been skirted with matching fabric from the bedroom curtains. Keeping with tradition, I also made a new sink skirt (at the center below the large button, there's a nice big pleat with gold fabric inside) and it fit just right!

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