Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recent Completed Order: Knitting/Crochet Bundle

My friend and I came up with this custom design for a knitting needle-crochet hook combo bundle. She's very excited to be able to keep her needles and hooks all in one place. Now they don't keep falling out of her project bag.

The back row has deep pockets for long knitting needles and the front row has shallower pockets for crochet hooks. The pockets on the ends are wider, for fatter hooks and small scissors. 18 pockets in all!

It rolls up shut with a velcro strap.

This bundle is made with stylish black, white, and green fabrics. And, I made TWO, so the second one is now up for grabs for $22!

(Needles, hooks, and scissors not included.)

1 comment:

hkobeal said...

I want something else made out of that fabric combination. :)