Monday, March 16, 2009

Featured Item: Knotted Handbag

March 16-21, 2009

It's your lucky week! This week's featured item is my highly popular Knotted Handbag!

This is a spacious everyday bag with two large pockets. This unique style features straps that are tied in a knot to hang on your shoulder. You have a choice between a large snap or a large button for the main closure. You can upgrade to a classy magnetic snap for $4.

You will love how much you can fit!

The carrying space is approximately 8.5"x5"x10" and the strap length up to the knot is about 9".

The Knotted Purse is $30 for a large cargo space and $20 for a smaller cargo space.

THIS WEEK ONLY, large Knotted Purses are $25!!

Examples of Sold Knotted Handbags:

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Shelly said...

I really like your bag designs!