Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Customer Feedback Triumphs Again!

I love customer feedback! I get new ideas from you and ways to make my products even better! The first picture shows an improvement with my Lullaby Nursing Covers. One customer said that the straps were coming undone when folded up in her diaper bag. By making the straps a little wider and using a smaller D-ring, the straps are more secure and don't slip out. She also suggested making the cover wider to give even more privacy. These covers are now SIX INCHES wider -- three extra inches on each side!

My mom requested a Long Handle Handbag, but without a knot at the top and a smaller "cargo space". The next two photos show this new look. As always, I want to create the perfect item, just for you! I am flexible and adaptable! And look at that beautiful designer fabric. I have just acquired a stash of gorgeous new designer fabrics which I will scan for you when I return from Italy!

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Kat Curtis said...

What a gorgeous bag! I hope you have a great time in Italy!!! :)